Advanced training

Advanced training

Harv's Air offers a large variety of advanced training courses that meet the needs of our clients while utilizing the most advanced training techniques and equipment in the industry. Each curriculum is specifically designed based on the pilot’s experience, goals and schedule.

If you are interested in any of these programs, please contact us to schedule a no-charge, personal consultation to develop your unique curriculum.

We realize some of our clients may be very busy or live far distances away and cannot visit in person. No problem, we are able to complete your consultation via phone, email or an internet-based virtual meeting.

Advanced Pilot Training ProgramsAdvanced Pilot Training

   Flight Instructor
   Air Transport Pilot Licence
   High Performance Aircraft Endorsement
   Complex Aircraft Endorsement
   Tail Wheel Aircraft Checkout
   Technically Advanced Aircraft Transition – Cirrus, Cessna and Diamond Aircraft
   Client Specific Recurrent Training Programs