Aviation Adventures

Aviation Adventures

Whether you are looking for the thrill of a lifetime, a scenic ride over the city, or an introduction to flight training, we can get you flying!

Aviator's Adventures
Have you always wondered what it would be like to be a pilot? Is the sky calling your name? Your dream can come true and we can help make it happen. Join us for an introductory flight lesson in becoming a pilot. Learn the basics of flying from our world class instructors and take control of one of our trainer aircraft. More information here.

Adrenaline Adventure
Our experienced pilot will take you through the paces with loops, rolls, snap rolls, hammerheads, inverted flight, and tumbles, pulling 6G’s and over 200 MPH in our Pitts S2B aerobatic plane. Better then skydiving, bungee jumping and roller coasters all rolled into one! Perfect for any adrenaline junkie or adventurous aviator. More information here.

Simulator Adventure
Do you enjoy flight simulators? Video games? Our full motion Redbird FMX is equipped with a 180° field of view and 3 axis of movement. Experience flying without ever leaving the ground! Perfect for birthday parties (10 yrs+), hardcore flight sim enthusiast, and everyone in between. More information here

Airplane Adventure
Enjoy a leisurely airplane ride with up to 3 passengers for a scenic flight around the city or countryside. You choose where you go. Perfect for families, couples, or just a group of friends. Don’t forget your camera! More info here.

Gift Certificates are available for all adventures! Also checkout our Aviation Adventure brochure in PDF!

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