Harv’s Air Flight Training iOS APP!

Harv’s Air Flight Training iOS APP!

Yes, there's an APP for that! We now have a iOS App. That means if you have a iPad, iPhone, or a IPod touch, you can download our nifty free APP!

Your dream can come true in less time and for less money than you think. You don't need eagle eyes, lightning reflexes or nerves of steel. You can learn to fly. Here's how to get started: download this FREE app, watch some of our videos, then contact us! Existing students of Harv's Air will find also find valuable resources bundled in this app for your convenience. Included reference materials are:

Harv's Air Documents:

- Steinbach (CKK7) Information Package
- St. Andrews (CYAV) Information Package
- Harv’s Air Customer Handbook
- Harv’s Air Dormitory Guide
- Flight Training Operations Manual (FTOM)
- Recreational Pilot Permit Syllabus
- Night Rating Syllabus
- Commercial Pilot Syllabus
- Commercial Pilot Syllabus Poster
- Multi Engine Instrument Rating Poster
- Multi-Engine Instrument Rating Manual (Beech 95)
- Multi Engine Instrument Rating Manual (Seminole)
- Instrument Renewal Simulator Syllabus
- Personal Minimums Checklist
- Wings Magazine Harv's Air Article
- Private Pilot Syllabus
- Private Pilot Syllabus Poster

Transport Canada:

- Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM)
- PSAR Written Test Guide
- Radio Written Test Guide
- Aviation Language Proficiency Test Guide
- Recreational Written Test Guide
- Recreational Pilot Flight Test Guide
- Private Pilot Written Test Guide
- Private Pilot Flight Test Guide
- Visual Flight Rules (VFR) Navigation Test
- Commercial Written Test Guide
- Commercial Flight Test Guide
- Instrument Written Test Guide
- Instrument Flight Test Guide
- Multi Engine Flight Test Guide
- Flight Instructor Written Test Guide
- Flight Instructor Flight Test Guide
- ATPL Study and Reference Guide

If any of this is for you, download this app now, it's FREE!