St. Andrews

St. Andrews

The St. Andrews location offers a controlled airport (control tower). Flying from St. Andrews allows the use of multiple runways with a variety of traffic. The practice area is just to the north east of the airport. A NDB and GPS approach is available on the airport and Winnipeg International airport is minutes away by air. There is a dormitory (room for 33 students) and restaurant located on the school property. We have 2 hangers for aircraft storage and service (no wing covers required). Office area includes a classroom, dispatch area, 6 briefing rooms, and admin offices. Free wifi internet. We feel this facility is ideal for flight training; Modern, comfortable, and spacious.


25 person classroom


Waiting/Dispatch Area


Maintenance Hanger (heated) 80 X 100 feet

Storage Hanger (100 X 100 feet)


View of the hangers facing north