At Steinbach we offer accommodations for student’s on the airport property and in Steinbach. No need to commute, find an apartment, or deal with transportation cost if you stay on the airport. You can wake up, walk 200 feet, take a flying lesson go back to your room for a break and repeat lessons as you wish throughout the day. Accommodations are for active students only (20 flying hours a month, and active ground school attendance).

Bedrooms include a twin bed, a desk, and a chest of drawers. Local phone is included (long distance requires phone cards or collect calls), and wifi internet. Washer and Dryer is included for no extra cost.

Mobile homes. We have 3 moble homes on the airport property. Each home has 3-4 bedrooms, a common area, kitchen, and bathrooms.

Bachelor suite: Located above the school buildings. Most commonly used as our “women’s dorm”.

Rosewood house: Located 3 miles from the school property. Ideal for students who wish to get away from the school from time to time and have their own cars.


Trailers looking west from parking lot.


South trailer


Standard room