Next Classroom ground school starts July 2 and completes on July 20. Class time 2pm to 5pm. Monday to Friday for 3 weeks. Both St. Andrews and Steinbach. Contact us for sign up details. Next ground school after that starts September 5 and will be an evening ground school.

April 2015

        New base for Harv’s Air starting April 1

July 2014

        New additions to the fleet!

September 2013

        Classroom Ground Schools

May 2013

        Harv’s Air wins Top Flight Award!

November 2012

        2013 Host of the Webster Memorial Trophy Competition

September 2012

        New Flight Training Device!

May 2012

        What’s New!

April 2011

        iPilot: Designed in Manitoba, Assembled in China

March 2011

        Rates and quotes for flight training.

January 2011

        Flight Tests and Standards by Harv Penner

January 2011

        Cessna 172S Garmin 1000!

December 2010

        Radio Communications

        2011 Ground School

September 2010

        Taildragger and Aerobatic checkout course

August 2010

        Facebook “like button”!

February 2010

        Announcing: Red Bird Flight Training Device

December 2009

        Harv’s Air Customer Handbook 2010

December 2009

        Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

December 2009

        New Video! Harv’s Air invites you for a “spin in a Pitts Special S2B!

November 2009

        test test

October 2009

        Congrats to Congrats to Ashley and Sacha on their engagement!

        Congrats to Harv Penner for winning the David Charles Abramson Memorial Flight Instructor Safety Awa

October 2009

        US Customs seminar

October 2009

        Buying and Owning an Aircraft Seminar!

September 2009

        Entering Commercial Aviation in Canada forum

July 2009

        Spot Tracker

July 2009

        Welcome to the Air Cadets of 2009!

June 2009

        It’s a Girl! Congrats to Thiea and Paul on the birth of their baby Girl!

June 2009

        Private pilot ground school

May 2009

        Webster Memorial Trophy Competition

April 2009

        Super saturated days

April 2009

        St. Andrews Fly in/Drive in Breakfast!

        Harv’s Air is now on Twitter!

April 2009

        Introducing Hybrid power

March 2009

        Spot Trackers

February 2009

        Providence Aviation Trip 2009

February 2009

        In house flight instructor flight test!

        Congrats to Luke for becoming a Pilot Examiner!

January 2009

        Congrats to Kate Weber for winning the Ninety Nines Rosella Bjornson Flying Scholarship!

January 2009

        Help Wanted: Aircraft Maintence Enginer and Flight Instructors

January 2009

        Flight Service Seminar

December 2008

        Ground School

November 2008


November 2008

        Office addition underway

October 2008

        Blended Commercial Ground School starting November 3

September 2008

        Welcome to all new and returning students this fall!

July 2008

        Air Cadets 2008

July 2008

        Indian DGCA ground school prep course

June 2008

        Manitoba Marathon 2008!

April 2008

        Fuel Surcharge removed!

March 2008

        Our Flight Instructors:

February 2008

        Providence Aviation Trip 2008

February 2008

        Linesmen/Flight Instructors

February 2008

        Fleet additions!

February 2008

        Flight Information Center Seminar!

February 2008

        Neil Armstrong Scholarship

January 2008

        Wanted: Dispatchers/Linesmen

January 2008

        Aviation Seminars!

December 2007

        Merry Christmas

November 2007

        Greg Penner: Runs New York Marathon

October 2007


August 2007

        Harv’s Air Diamond DA40 Garmin 1000 promo video

July 2007

        Air Cadets 2007

June 2007

        Seminar: Indian Airline Pilot returns to talk about his experience

June 2007

        David clark x11 in stock for $849.90!

June 2007

        Manitoba Marathon! What an inspirational day!

June 2007

        Diamond Star

May 2007

        New to the fleet: Glass Cockpit Diamond DA40!

May 2007

        More than a job, a Career in Aviation (Forum).

March 2007

        New Training Video Package

March 2007

        Harv’s Air Forum!

        Prov Trip 2007

December 2006

        Gift Certificates

November 2006

        Fleet News

October 2006

        Harv’s Air Flight Training can now offer FAA licence with a easy conversion!

October 2006

        New Harv’s Air Video

October 2006

        New scenery of Steinbach and St. Andrews for MS Flight Sim!! Thanks to Jonathan Gabbert!!

August 2006

        Instructor and Examiner Rants!

June 2006

        Commercial Ground School

June 2006

        Help Wanted: Linesmen/Dipatcher

June 2006

        New to the fleet: 2 X Cessna 152

February 2006

        Anne Reimer has been awarded the “Rosella Bjornson Scholarship”

February 2006

        Instructor Ratings

February 2006

        Multi Engine Trainer!

November 2005

        Email Invoices and Statements

October 2005

        Canadian Aviation Industry Update

September 2005

        New Photo Album!

September 2005

        New Pilots Forum

September 2005

        Greg & Tanya’s big day!

September 2005

        Help Wanted

        Fly in at St. Andrews!

September 2005

        Welcome to all new and returning students.

August 2005

        Steinbach or St. Andrews?

July 2005

        Red River College: Aviation Management Program Diploma

July 2005

        Air Cadets Weblog

July 2005

        Contact Information for the Harv’s Air St. Andrews

June 2005

        Harv’s Air: St. Andrews Opens at St. Andrews Airport

May 2005

        BC Trip 2005

        New Airplane: Cessna 152 C-GBXD

April 2005

        Ground Schools: Commercial Ground School