EIS Electronic Ignition System

10/30/2013 —

We are excited to be trying out a new ignition system in some of our airplanes. If it goes well, we hope to eventually install this system in the entire fleet.

Please note that C-GBXD has a new electronic ignition system or EIS installed.  It now operates with one normal magneto and one EIS.  It is still a dual ignition system, however now one of the systems requires the electrical system to operate.  This system promises to add more power, more economy, and more efficiency.

When you look in the plane, you will notice there is a toggle switch labelled EIS where the landing light is normally located.  This switch must be on for the EIS to operate.  If there were a problem with the electrical system where the EIS was not operating properly and to conserve battery power, this switch can be turned off, as the EIS switch will continue to draw energy from your battery if it is left on, even if it is not operating.

Essentially, turn this switch on to operate the EIS.

Mag checks are completed as normal with the key, the R position is the EIS, the L position is the normal left mag..

Please read the normal checklist, and the Airplane Manual supplement for this STC that will be in the POH for C-GBXD.

Note there are only 2 differences in the normal checklist, both underlined.  In the supplement there are two procedures to be learned, 1 abnormal operation, and one emergency operation.  These will be incorporated into the emergency check list for C-GBXD as well.

We would also like any feedback you have after flying the plane.