New base for Harv’s Air starting April 1

03/31/2015 —

We are pleased to announce that Harv's Air is establishing a new base for the flight school. Not content with traditional runways and airports, Harv's Air is moving to a new base of operation located in the Whiteshell Provincial Park, Manitoba, Canada.   N49.99, W95.52

Numerous advantages of the new base are sited by Harv Penner, president of Harv's Air.

"No cross winds landings and takeoffs", "Very long, almost unlimited runway length", "No need to sideslip on landing or takeoff, just keep it in a crab", "Direct and short taxi back to the ramp". "No landing fees", "Very smooth runway surface" "Linesman and dispatchers on skates to quickly marshal airplanes to position", "no brake pad wear or tire wear by pilots over using the brakes", and "no need to calculate Canadian Runway Friction Index, it's always 0.00"!

Operations are submit to weather conditions and strictly prior permission required!