Our Flight Instructors:

03/08/2008 — Our Flight Instructors: Gain experience and confidence in their flying skills. Gain pilot in command hours quickly Are home every night. Enjoy having a "in house", approved maintenance organization. Live in a major city in southern Canada. Can decide their own schedule. Have a massive effect on their student’s professional and personal lives. Meet many interesting people, from Austrians, to Zimbabweans and everything in-between. Have a strong network of thousands of graduates, instructors, and students dating back 35 years. Can take part in very long cross counties like this one. Can fly 6 different types of single engine airplanes and 3 different types of twin engine airplanes. Have the security of a family owned school that has 35 years of experience. Can fly and teach aerobatics, multi, taildraggers, and “glass” cockpits. Use flight training devices for instrument training and soon visual training. Ground school and preparatory ground school material already prepared and standardized. Have managers and senior instructors that fly. Can be involved with other flying such as fire patrolling, power line inspecting, and Charter flying (single and twins). Enjoy some of the better weather for flight training in Canada. Learn from and take part in our industry leading Online Ground School. Have their medicals, renewals, and upgrades paid for. Fly from international airports to small grass and gravel airports. Are welcome to become career instructors. If you don't have a flight instructor rating and presuming you have a Commercial licence we can train you in 5-6 weeks (full time) and $7100. During your instructor rating course you can stay in our dormitories (no need for a car) and work as a linesmen. For more information contact adam@harvsair.com or 1 800 HARV AIR.