Flight of Your Life 12 minutes

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Aerobatic demonstration flight with commonly flown maneuvers such as Loops, Rolls, Snap Rolls, Hammerheads,Lomcevaks, Wingovers, Spins, Cuban Eighths, Inverted Flight...the list goes on and on. You decide what you want to do.

The flight of your life is an aerobatic demonstration flight in a Extra 300! You and your aerobatic instructor take a 12 Minute Ride. An Extra 300 is a highly manoeuvrable, world class aerobatic monoplane used in air shows and Red Bull Air Races. It is the ulitmate aerobatic airplane. More information at http://www.harvsairinverted.com/

Where does this flight take place? Harv’s Air Service of Steinbach, Manitoba, Canada. Steinbach is located 33 miles to the southeast of Winnipeg, in the heart of prairie Canada. View our location.

Who would take such a flight? Do I have to be a pilot?

Anybody interested in Aerobatic flight can partake in the flight of a lifetime. We tailor-make the flight for you. Be it WILD or MILD! Even if you’re not a pilot you can take control during parts of the flight.

When is a good time to take such a flight?

We operate from March to November. Best times for the flight is early morning or late evening.

Is it safe? Yes. Very. Safety is job 1. The airplane is designed for aerobatics and our instructors are highly trained and experienced

Why? This is aviation’s ultimate rush. Better then skydiving, bungee jumping or roller coasters. Far better. 


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